Join me on adventures to waters less travelled, where we will connect with the great leviathans of our seas, and contribute meaningfully to their conservation.


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Diving with Danny

Why are you running guided trips?

Much of my work revolves around creating underwater media to help re-connect people with the oceans. Whilst film and photos can be extremely powerful tools, there's one thing they can't quite beat - real-world experiences! I wholeheartedly believe the most effective way to creating new ocean ambassadors, is to get people up close and personal with life beneath the waves.

Of all the things you can see underwater, few experiences can match an encounter with one of the ocean's charismatic megafauna. Whether it's realising how small you are alongside a passing whaleshark; looking into the eyes of curious manta and devil rays; or winning the trust of a humpback and her calf - you'll be hard pressed to find a more memorable and mind-blowing experience.

These are the memories that grow into a life-long love affair with the sea, and it's my hope to run trips that kick start that relationship. 



What makes your trips different?

Three words; location, education, and conservation.

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I love nothing more than going off the beaten path, to places most people have never even heard of. When I do go to well-visited areas, it's because there's something bloody awesome or unique to see, that is hard to find anywhere else. Consequently, the trips I lead are often to far-flung places, organised to arrive at the optimum time to witness some of the ocean's greatest natural spectacles. 

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My aim is for guests to experience more than just a fun-filled ocean adventure. I provide informative and interactive presentations throughout the trip, and bring in some of the researchers and NGOs working on the ground, so that you come away more knowledgeable about the megafauna you've encountered, and the environment they call home. If you're a photo or video enthusiast, I will also be on hand to help beginners get to grips with their gear, and assist pros in getting the space they need to return to shore with award-winning shots.

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Perhaps most importantly, my trips strive to give back to the oceans. I run workshops to teach interested guests how to actively collect and submit data during our excursions (e.g. photo ID data). When relevant, we provide local researchers a means to gain additional access to their study sites, in return for showing us what cool science they're doing. Finally, the cost of your trip includes a mandatory donation, that is gifted to one of the conservation groups working to study and preserve the species and ecosystems we come to see.


Upcoming Adventures

Bookings are handled entirely through my partners at Dive Worldwide. Follow the links below to learn more about the specific itineraries I'm leading, costs, and how to sign up!


14th - 26th FEBRUARY 2019

13th - 19th SEPTEMBER 2019